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1What does soliciting a prostitute mean?
Solicitation of prostitution involves a person's agreement to exchange money for sex. This forum does not imply that anyone has committed a crime and was convicted in the court of law. Posters are posting men who were caught contacting online prostitutes. Solicitation in this sense simply means encouragement. A solicitation agreement does not have to be explicit. A person's actions can be enough to demonstrate agreement. (IE: Responding to an escorts ad that clearly states the sale of sexual services).
2What is Exposingjohns.com?
ExposingJohns.com is a public forum, where users get to investigate, identify and publicize the conduct of adults who contact prostitutes online.
3Once a profile is removed from ExposingJohns.com what happens?
Once a Johns profile is deleted , after the administration investigation, it is removed from our servers and that profile can never be re posted again.
4Isn't ExposingJohns.com breaking the Federal Trade Commission Act Section 5: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices?
Section 5 of the FTC act 15 USC 45 clearly states anyone engaged in business is prohibited from commiting unfair or deceptive acts practices in or affecting consumers. - The ExposingJohns.com forum is in no way shape or form breaking the FTC Act section 5. The Johns posted by third-party users in this forum are being posted as Johns who illegally solicit sex online from prostitutes. They are not consumers. The only time a person is considered a consumer on ExposingJohns.com is when one chooses, by there own will, to pay an administration fee for investigative services on a specific John's profile. After the purchase of this service, the consumers information is never revealed or sold to anyone nor is their information kept on our servers. You can find all of this in our Terms and Conditions page and Privacy Policy Page. If any single John wants to doubt the proof and the fact that they were illegally soliciting sex from an escort online, the exact time and date of solicitation can be provided, the exact escort or escort ad that was solicited can be provided and the exact escort website or escort review board that was visited by this John can also be provided. If further action needs to be taken we can always go to cell phone companies for text message transmission and/or call proof.
5Who posts Johns on ExposingJohns.com? And where do they find these Johns?
Third-Party forum users post Johns. Johns are found contacting prostitutes for sex on popular escort sites and admitting to using prostitutes on escort review boards where prostitution is knowingly being promoted.
6What kind of people use ExposingJohns.com?
Mainly current employers, significant others and sometimes even law enforcement depending on the nature of the situation.
7Why are ExposingJohns.com users doing this? Don't we have a right to privacy?
Everyone; including wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, family members, co-workers, current employers and neighbors have the right to know what's going on online and in their neighborhoods. Just like any other illegal activity of concern that is exposed. ExposingJohns.com is no different than a complaint board that exposes the information of those who abuse the trust of the public. There are very serious issues arising such as the spread of STDs to the innocent, child exploitation and human trafficking. In our day and age, this is all now exacerbated by the easy sale of sex online. Since it is so easy to commit such crimes online it is our user's job to make it easy to be exposed.
8How much does it cost to access profiles in this forum?
Absolutely free!
9I'd like to participate in this forum. How much does it cost?
Posting a John in this forum is free. All you need is proof, if there isn't any proof the profile will be deleted.
10How do I find out if a specific person is listed in the ExposingJohns.com forum?
To find out if a person is listed simply go to our Johns List page and enter their name, phone number or email address in the search bar.
11What is Soliciting - Male Escort - Female Escort mean?
A John soliciting a male escort means the John contacted and intended to meet with a male prostitute online. The same goes with soliciting a female or transgender escort.
12Do submitted Johns appear anywhere else other than this forum?
Yes. When a John is submitted by one of our users all major search engines crawl the forum and the John's profile is indexed on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most of the people that are found on this forum are found due to someone doing a search of their name, phone number or email address on a major search engine.
13When I post a John can I remain anonymous?
Yes, all posters are anonymous.
14What does investigate profile mean?
Once the administration fee is paid the claims of the poster is further investigated by the administration of this forum.
15Can a John's information be used as a credit report or background check?
No! The ExposingJohns.com forum will not be used to show someone's mode of living, characteristics, credit capacity or whatever else is covered by the Federal Credit Reporting Act.
16My information is coming up on another site will it be removed from there too?
We do not moderate or work with any other thirdparty site outside of this forum.
17When i pay is my payment information revealed in any way? Will my info be added to my profile?
No! all your information is secure and is never stored on our servers. Third party posters who originally posted your profile never see anything other then what they posted.