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Nadeem Srouji likes to book domination sessions. He booked one with me, but showed up high on who knows what. He also attempted to use counterfeit $100 bills. Do not see!

Paul Mandel is a gross old guy with saggy everything. Wants girlfriend experience with making out and way too intimate things, like forehead kissing. He’s way too sensual, wanting you to look him in the eyes during the act and tell him you love him. Truly a disturbing session.

Nelson Louriro came to see me for a session. He totally ignored the boundaries I had set when we texted. Spanked me, choked me, pulled my hair, et cetera. I felt really violated by the time we were done. I’d never see him again, and neither should you

Nelson Louriro
Raleigh, North Carolina

Michael John Warren. 40 yo. Primary phone (843)-327-1172 He has 59 social media profiles. Providers in South Carolina and Trans women beware! False info, takes off condom in the middle of the appt. Fantasy booker and address collector. He did this to me, and talked with other fellow SW who unfortunately booked him. Formal golf ⛳️ caddie at Kiawah Island Resort, got the info on black lists of his multiple numbers. Racists mf, benzos addict, unpredictable, violent and looks for free and short on total donations. The worst. AVOID AT ALL COST!! LV , Chicago and Charleston SC Providers, DO NOT BOOK!

David Bowen paid me to **** me. For an old guy, he was way rougher than we ever agreed to. He also tried to stealth, but I caught him without the condom and stopped it from happening. Thankfully he couldn’t stay hard, so he left after less than 30 minutes.

Donald Berk is a fucking creep. He texted me to set up a full service session and we spent half a day setting it up. When it came time to make a deposit, he ghosted, so I blocked his number. What’s weird is that the next day, without having talked to anyone else, I started getting texts from different numbers including photos of girls getting hardcore fucked. The texts also insulted me. I know my friends have fucked this guy and that he was safe for them, but I think he’s recently lost his mind or something, so don’t risk it.

Jeffrey Adelson wants incest play. He’s an adult baby and a diaper-wearer. That’s already weird enough, especially since he contacted me despite my listing saying that I don’t do that kink, but he also wasted my time. I received some weird texts from him about his incest fantasies and never even got paid for it. Don’t bother, girls!

Mark Y Adelson
Billie Y Adelson
Stephanie G Adelson
Lauren B Adelson

Christian Lowe is a fantasy booker. He claims to be a “new client.” Sent all of his screening info including his ID. I took the time to screen him and spent all day responding, and then he just ghosted me. Time waster just looking for free attention. My friend saw him once and said he was good money, so I guess he’s 50/50, and that’s not worth it to me.

Casey Konvalinka Lowe
Nancy Louise Lowe
Jonathan Charles Lowe
Grace N Lowe
John McCambridge

After session, he wanted more ***. When I told him it costs more for another session, he became very upset and started screaming and demanding his money back, threatened to post me on his youtube channel “Lamont At Large”. Then threatened physical harm to me. This guy wants to take advantage and wants to con a provider into seeing him for free. Really crazy and unstable. DNS..

Name: Lamont Dorsey
YouTube Channel: Lamont At Large
His cell phone: 972-765-8972
Los Angeles, California

Kirk Hilliard will ask you to wear stockings and heels. He’ll ask a million questions and ask endlessly for photos. His texts are extremely explicit. Will text you the same nonsense on repeat for days. He makes an appointment, but then wants to talk endlessly until the day of, then he cancels last minute. Complete timewaster and pic collector. Other girls have seen him, but I don’t care, he’s not worth losing anymore of my time with.

Kirk Hilliard
Leesburg, Virginia
(703) 332-9382